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The Wellness Barn & Fitness is where women learn to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, rebuild their bodies after pregnancy, and maintain wellness at all stages; while also integrating the power of gardening.



Stretch Out in the Barn!

The Wellness Barn and Fitness is teaming up with Stretch'd Out Buffalo to provide two classes being held at the Barn! Stretch'd Out Buffalo provides Assisted Stretch Therapy, or AST. It is a one-on-one hands on approach to help relieve tight muscles, joints and fascial buildup within the body. AST not only helps improve range of motion throughout the body but also can provide benefits such as better sleeping, increased blood flow, reduces stress levels. improves athletic performance, increases posture and can even help assist in improving your chronic pain levels you have had for years. AST is appropriate for all fitness levels and all ages. It is also beneficial to the prenatal and postpartum community which is why we are providing these two events to help moms get some much needed care.


Click the links below for whichever date (or both!) and time you would like to attend. You do not have to be a current gym member to attend! Classes cap at 15 people. I hope you join us in giving you some much needed stretching!! Click the links below to purchase your tickets.

Saturday, January 21, 2023 from 9:00am to 10:00am

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For further details or questions, call Coach Lindsay Goats at 615-578-8937 or visit the Contact page to email us!

Nutrition 101 at The Wellness Barn and Fitness

There’s a lot of questions about what we need to be eating, how much, how to cook, feeling like it has to be gourmet every night. Food has such an emotional impact on our lives and we don’t have to make it hard! We can still eat the things we love and still be healthy. It’s not dieting, it’s a way of eating. Learn the basics of what and how to eat, portion control, when and why we eat certain foods and everything in between. We will also be reviewing HOW to cook veggies, gardening tips and design, along with take home recipes. This will be a hands on event with taste testing and touring our gardens. Take home packets and seeds will be provided.

Only 15 spots available, spouse discounts offered.

Saturday March 11th, 2023 from 11:00am to 1:00pm

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About The Wellness Barn and Fitness

The Wellness Barn & Fitness is where women learn to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, rebuild their bodies after pregnancy, and maintain wellness at all stages; while also integrating the power of gardening. The Barn is located just outside of the quaint Hamburg Village, near Buffalo NY.


Lindsay provides training to women not only of the prenatal & postpartum period, but all women looking to strengthen their body & mind, while also learning how to garden & grow food. This boutique training gym is what makes The Wellness Barn a truly welcoming and comforting community for women to get stronger.

Her mission is to provide information for moms and moms-to-be regarding their health & wellness, science based information about how to exercise during & after pregnancy, & most of all providing support for all stages of motherhood, for all women who need support, whether you’re a mother or not.


Her vision is to provide resources such as exercises, video blogs, links to wonderful women who can help you in any stage of motherhood, answer important questions about pregnancy and fitness, & providing a SAFE, fun, & trusting environment.


About the Owner

Lindsay Goats, PT, PP&A


Lindsay Goats

Seven years ago, Lindsay & her husband were told they could not have kids of their own.  Before trying the IVF route, as well as considering adoptions, they made a plan. The plan was to exhaust all other options. So when the two love birds were ready, they decided to start with lifestyle changes.


Lindsay had always been athletic, but as will life, health ebbed & flowed. Lindsay changed her diet, started exercising on her own, she stopped drinking alcohol completely, and poof! She and her husband were pregnant after six months. IT WORKED!


Throughout pregnancy, Lindsay continued to exercise and eat right, and pregnancy was great. However, during pregnancy she had lots of questions about what she could do and what she "should" do in the gym. Fast forward to postpartum, she was cleared, and the same questions popped up. What "SHOULD" she being doing? Her body was different, should her exercises be different? Because those questions went unanswered, that lead to urinary incontinence and pain in the 12 months of postpartum. She struggled with baby blues, postpartum depression and felt like she was lost. This got her to thinking...


IS THERE help after delivery? Was there a gym that could help transition her after pregnancy? Were there resources in one place to help her when she was no longer pregnant? So many questions went unanswered. She started reading and researching, & decided to take matters into her own hands. The Wellness Barn and Fitness was born…


After moving to Buffalo from Nashville to be with family, they found their home with an amazing barn that was large enough for a women’s family gym to help women navigate fitness after pregnancy; resources for doulas, physical therapists, counselors, nutrition, lactation consults; & access to beautiful gardens attached to gym for education and nutrition.



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Here you’ll get great information on workouts, myth busting information with exercise and pregnancy, learn about gardening for the family and how amazing it can be incorporating it with pregnancy and overall a supportive environment for all stages of motherhood. 


I came to Lindsay at 22 weeks pregnant with my first.  I immediately felt comfortable with her welcoming personality and superior knowledge. My mindset around working out in general has me excited to continue to make healthy choices even beyond pregnancy! The workouts are fun and made for all levels.


Lindsay took me from a hormonal postpartum mess and lifted me up, not only physically, but emotionally as well.  She was positive, encouraging, organized, and knowledgeable. I trust her in getting me to a new postpartum body that will love!


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