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Gym Membership

This traditional gym setting is not so tradtional! We are all about the moms so we focus on pelvic floor workouts, building muscle while concentrating on functional fitness movements. This is a great option for the everyday mom or the newly pregnant mom trying to navigate their pregnant bodies while staying fit during pregnancy!

$99 per month

Gym/Online Seminars

My goal is education and collaboration. The overall objective is to keep women in their current gyms long term but give them the tools they need to modify where/when needed. At some point, all women will go through body changes that they will need help with. I provide a two hour seminar providing education to  members/coaches on common pelvic floor issues & how to address them. Please reach out on how to schedule your in person or online seminar!

Treatment Plans

Already have a routine and a great gym membership but have a lot of questions on what you need to do to resolve unanswered questions? This treatment plan is perfect for getting advice, answering those complicated questions, checking for Diastsis Recti, pelvic floor pain, incontinence, workout plans & more resources to help resolve whatever you need. Will drive to your location within a 15 mile radius, online or provided in house at The Wellness Barn.


Postpartum Package

This 6 week program is designed for the mom under 1 year postpartum. Courses are provided either online or in person with three programmed workouts each week. We focus on rebuilding your body after delivery as well as help navigate common issues after delivery. *Must have doctors clearance in order to participate

1:1 Option $720

Group Rate $400/person

Personal 1:1 Training

  Do not like group sessions or just need that kick start on your fitness journey? Never lifted before or have pelvic floor injuries that you would prefer 1:1 time? This is the perfect package. I offer 10. 20 & 30 1 hour sessions, great for women and gentlemen.

   Package start at $400. Specials are sometimes offered. 

Postpartum Training Program

Sometimes we just don't have time to get to a gym or do not feel comfortable. Maybe you like to workout in the comfort of your own home, but you still want the workouts and knowledge of a postpartum program. This take home version of my 6 week program is the best fit. Video instructions of movements are available on my YouTube channel, you still receive support from me as your coach but you get to do the workouts on your time. 3 workouts per week for six weeks.


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