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From the mind of a mom

I never thought I would be the mom to actually want to write or blog but here we are. There are so many moms and perspectives that I am not here to re-create the wheel or be the new famous mom with catchy phrases or claim to have a sense of humor. I am a normal, everyday mom who happens to also be a Personal Trainer that specializes in womens pelvic health. I do train the occasional guy but my main focus is being a mom is such a swayed universe on what it should (or shouldnt be) be correct. What the right way to train, sleep train, introduce foods, disciplining our kids, how our homes should look like, how much laundry we can get done in a day.....the list goes on. What I like to "preach" is that everyone is different and we should NOT feel pressured on how to look or act based on what some skinny influencer says. Yes I do fall into that same category technically but what I hope to do is to educate moms and just give a different perspective so that you can decide what is best FOR YOU and for YOUR family. The advice I give is based on reliable sources. My opinions are my own and are merely suggestions. I do know that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. My only true advice is to TRY. It does not hurt to try anything. Do not try something based on fear either. The athletic industry has become such a huge billion dollar industry that the only known way to truly get someone to buy into their program is based on FEAR.

So the blogs are really my newsletters of what is usually on my mind. Free workouts, free meal ideas, and just the ramblings of a plain regular 40 year old mom trying to raise a successful well rounded little human being. Social Media tends to show what is on the "perfect outside" of our lives and give such a false sense of self when really, life is fuckin hard. Raising a child is fuckin hard. So I hope that you find these blogs/newsletters helpful.

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