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January 2023 Newsletter-I sound WAAYYY too happy

I am so glad to be sending out our very first Wellness Barn and Fitness newsletter!! I promise these will not be those annoying sales-pitchy emails that get sent once a week. These newsletters will provide updates on events that are happening in the gym, new postpartum training schedules, exercise routines, recipes and any other tidbits that pertain to motherhood.

For those of you who are not too sure exactly what we do here at The Wellness Barn, we are a gym that focuses on women’s health and fitness. We provide small group classes that are geared towards building up our bodies during pregnancy, as well as helping us rebuild postpartum. Through personal training, small group six-week courses, and providing resources for pelvic floor Physical Therapists and counselors, we hope to improve the lives of mothers over the long term.

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 27, 2023 - 6-Week Postpartum Training Course Begins

This six-week, 18-workout program is designed to rebuild your body in a safe way after delivery. Whether you are into Crossfit, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, or HIIT, this course will help you build up your body by slowly reintroducing exercises to restore your pelvic floor after the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth.

We know that time is of the essence when having a baby, so there will be a live Zoom session each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00pm (which will be recorded). You will also receive an online 1:1 meeting prior to the start of the course, to go over your health concerns and get your questions answered. This program is PERFECT for the one-year and under postpartum mom!

The price per person is $375, and includes your initial 1:1 session, 18 online classes, 24/7 Coach support, a take-home packet with all the workouts included, and suggested resources for after your program ends. I hope you can join us! We will have only 10 slots available. Reach out to me directly if you or someone you know is interested!

Saturday, March 11, 2023 - Nutrition 101

We will be hosting a Nutrition 101 class, Saturday March 11th from 11pm to 1pm. Learn the basics of what and how to eat, portion control, when and why we eat certain foods and everything in-between. We will also be reviewing HOW to cook veggies, providing gardening tips, as well as giving you some recipes to try in your own homes.

This will be a hands-on event with taste testing and touring our gardens (weather permitting). Take home packets and a goodie bag of seeds will also be provided! This is great for folks wanting to understand more about how to fuel their body, especially when breastfeeding.

Tickets are $55 per person and discounts are available if a spouse would like to participate. Spots are limited to 15 so be sure to reserve one now by clicking the link below!

Tip of the Month

OMG I don’t want to leak!!

We have all been there. We sneeze, cough, or just suddenly need to pee. As soon as we start to walk, we panic because we’re scared that we won’t make it to the bathroom in time. This is a pelvic floor issue that is all too common. If you find yourself in this predicament, here is what you can do to make it to the bathroom!

Bend over at a 90-degree angle, slow your breathing, and walk calmly to the bathroom. At this angle, it takes the pressure off your pelvic floor and bladder so that you can make it to the bathroom. Be sure to breathe slowly and consistently. If you have not seen a pelvic floor physical therapist, be sure reach out to one to get yourself evaluated.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Quick Greek Salad

  • 4oz grilled chicken

  • 2 cups lettuce mix, kale, or spinach (or a mixture of your favorites)

  • 1/3 cup chickpeas

  • 1/2 sliced cucumber

  • 1oz crumbled goat cheese (optional)

  • 1oz olives (optional)

  • Greek dressing – Use sparingly

  • Salt & Pepper – To taste

Toss well so that everything gets coated in dressing and enjoy!

If you will be eating this while on-the-go, consider pre-grilling your chicken and packing it up in 4oz baggies. You can place the pre-portioned chicken, along with the other items in a container for a quick grab-and-go meal. This salad is baby-friendly if you can only eat with one hand, too!

Stay tuned as we have lots of fun events in the works, but for now…go and lift all heavy things,

Coach Lindsay

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