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Local Resources

Collaboration is what we're all about!
Here is a list of local resources we love to support.

If you'd like to be considered to be added to the list, contact us HERE.

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Meghan Warner
Doula/Lactation Consultant

The Better Birth Doula - owned by Meghan Warner, supporting all birth experiences through education, connection, and empowerment. Offering visual birth planning and birth support packages. Email her for a free consultation.

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Ally Massimi
Certified Lactation Consultant

Ally is an ALPP Certified Lactation Consultant and a Nutritionist for the Women, Infant, and Children's Supplemental Food Program (WIC). Ally loves sharing her knowledge about women's health and breastfeeding with her clients. She is a women's health advocate with a mission to help uplift women and provide them with the tools necessary to reach their health and nutrition goals and live their best lives. When Ally is not working, she enjoys practicing yoga, trying new foods, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

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Sujata Martin
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

As a Pelvic Floor OT, Sujata uses a mind-body approach to treating the whole individual, and not just their complaints. Sujata brings her skills as an eternal student, researcher, and over 10 years of experience working in a variety of care settings, including in-patient acute care, outpatient therapy, aquatic therapy, early intervention and home healthcare to her clients.

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Dana Palmer
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
& Wellness Coach

Dr. Dana Palmer is a physical therapist and women's wellness coach. She partners with busy women to help them feel better, decrease pain, and light their spark! As a working mother of two young children, she completely understands the "Life Tetris" that it takes to get to appointments and manage health. Her eclectic approach to recovery includes exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and most important: convenience & flexibility. She has specialized training in Pre & Postpartum Exercise & Coaching, External Pelvic Floor Assessment, Wound & Scar Care, and Nutritional Physical Therapy.

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Melissa Carrick

Life & Mindset Coach,

Birth Doula & Educator, Placenta Specialist

In all that she does, Melissa's goal is to empower her clients, instill confidence, encourage informed decision making, and hold space for any and all emotions that come up in the process. She's been a birth doula for 4 years and incorporates massage therapy, yoga, childbirth education, and life coaching into her support. In addition, she combines her doula experience with her passion for life coaching in her prenatal & postpartum emotional processing coaching.  She strongly believes that birth imitates life in the stages and phases you go through, and that any unhealed trauma and/or stuck emotions will show up in birth, and affect labor and postpartum. She life coaches in many areas and her favorite is in relationship dynamics.  In between all these major life events, if there's anything else you need help planning (parties, showers, weddings, etc), her focus, attention to detail and organization will help you plan with ease!

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